advantages and benefits of having a locker?

  • Free space and completely unlimited in United Estates
  • Ultra Fast Service with deliveries ranging from 24 to 48 hours
  • Safe and reliableOur experience of 35 years justify our excelent reputation
  • Save having the best market rate

What conditions does my locker have?

  1. No more than six (6) units of the same item may be sent, regardless of color, size or reference.
  2. The maximun value of shipment can't be exced $2000 USD
  3. The maximun weight be exced 110 lb or 50 Kg
  4. The sumatory of all sizes can't be exced 118’’ or 3 m . One of their side size can't exced 59’’ or 1.50 m.
  5. Publications that violate morality and/or good customs, narcotics, unauthorized drugs or merchandise whose importation is prohibited are not included.
  6. Goods on which there are legal or administrative restrictions for their importation are prohibited.

what restriccion do I have?

Dangerous, flammable, corrosive, aerosol, radioactive cargo, weapons of any kind, clothing or items for official or military use, pornographic videos or literature, food, live or dead animals, security items, organic waste, hospital waste, liquor and others that includes the airport, police and/or customs authority.